Course Orientation

Welcome to our course!

Have you ever worried there’s something wrong with you? Do you ever get stuck ruminating on the problems with your self, mind, body, parenting, relationship skills, or some other part of you?

If you’re human, the answer is most likely “yes.” Our minds are wired to fixate on these negative stories. We naturally fall into subconscious patterns where this idea that there’s something wrong keeps us from experiencing joy, taking risks, and living more fully. 

This course offers an invitation to change your relationship to this limiting belief. We created the course as a journey. It’s an opportunity to begin living and practicing a new mindset — a mindset that allows you to live according to this radical truth, “there’s nothing wrong with you.”

The course divides into two parts. The first part explores how to be. Part of what fuels this idea that “there’s something wrong” is our ordinary habit of resisting the things that make us feel uncomfortable. Being involves slowing this pattern down, arriving in the present moment, learning how to stay, and, ultimately, cultivating the skill of opening to whatever arises (good or bad).

The second part of the course explores doing or engagement in life and the world. When “there’s something wrong,” life gets small. We get stuck and pull back from giving our greatest gift to our work, our family, and the world. Doing involves creating the space and the courage to relax into a more engaged relationship with life.

The goal of this course isn’t to get rid of the thought “there’s something wrong with me.” That’s impossible. The goal is to see beneath its surface. 

These practices give you the lived experience of something different. They give you a momentary taste of life where “there’s nothing wrong with me.” And as these moments add up, you can begin experiencing all of life from this radical new mindset where, no matter what life brings, there’s nothing wrong.  

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Nate Klemp, PhD.

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