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The Mindful Living Course Bundle allows you to support your ongoing health by giving you the tools to make long-lasting changes to your habits and behaviors. This course bundle offers three of Mindful’s online courses that provide daily practices to help you feel more focused and empowered; science-based strategies to work through feelings of overwhelm; and lessons on how to integrate mindfulness into different areas of your life.

In this course bundle we invite you to emerge and flourish from feelings of overwhelm with Michelle Maldonado in Working With Overwhelm; create mindful habits with Mark Bertin in Healthy Mind, Healthy Life; and discover the power of mindfulness with 30 days of practice with some of the leading experts of mindfulness in the Transformative Power of Mindfulness.

The Mindful Living Course Bundle is for you if you want to:

  • Make positive changes in your everyday life 
  • Be able to find a state of calm even in times of stress
  • Learn how to unlearn bad habits
  • Increase your capacity for resilience and deepen your self-compassion
  • Discover a better understanding of your purpose
  • Integrate loving-kindness towards yourself and others

This course bundle includes three of Mindful’s best-selling courses that are focused on supporting you in your journey to healthy living.

In this bundle, you gain unlimited access to all three courses, which includes:

  • Over 50 video lessons with our three instructors
  • 10+ audio meditations
  • 5+ video meditations
  • 20+ downloadable materials
  • Bonus materials including Q&As, audio recordings, and bonus video sessions

Join Michelle Maldonado, Mark Bertin, and many other mindfulness teachers in this powerful course bundle.

Working With Overwhelm

In this video course from Mindful and Michelle Maldonado, learn science-based strategies to help you work with feelings of overwhelm to emerge from these feelings and flourish in your life.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Life

This six-lesson course provides practices to help you make positive changes in your everyday health and relationships. Led by Dr. Mark Bertin, get the tools to make long-lasting shifts towards better well-being.

Transformative Power of Mindfulness

This course explores how mindfulness benefits you by discovering community, controlling emotions, or understanding your purpose.

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