The 2021 Mindfulness for Healthcare Summit brought together over 45 leading mindfulness teachers and healthcare leaders in support of healthcare professionals around the world who have been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have curated a collection of sessions from the summit that are designed to support patient care within the healthcare sector. We invite you to participate in these sessions in order to learn how to avoid burnout; explore how mindfulness can develop into communication skills; and empower marginalized communities to heal.

From this collection, you’ll come away with:

  • Mindfulness-based palliative care/communication skills
  • Tools for empathic curiosity to support avoiding burnout and respecting diverse patients
  • A concrete practice to support healthcare workers and parents working with adolescents
  • Knowledge of how providers can be mindful in clinical care
  • Understanding of how perceived discrimination has a deeper effect and relationship to chronic pain, intergenerational trauma, and well-being
  • Guided meditation and yoga sessions to support personal well-being

This collection includes sessions led by:

  • Mark Bertin, MD
  • Mitchell Levy
  • Sam Himelstein
  • Sará King, PhD
  • Jodi Halpern, PhD

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"I am a hospital based physician in a COVID hotspot. This session exceeded my expectations providing helpful tips & reminders on my journey of a mindful, introspective, peaceful existence. Also I was surprised to experience some sadness acknowledging the suffering I have witnessed & experienced in the hospital this past year. Thank you for holding space for that."

"Thank you for framing this conversation & bringing clarity to meet different responses in those we work within the medical system! The tools are most helpful and deeply appreciated, as I can see the system moves in different paces and so do all those involved. I feel these would be so beneficial to ground and center. Thank you so much for your contribution, I can feel this move through the various hospital systems where I teach! Deep bow!"

"Great introduction and a reminder of why we are all here attending the conference - great minds think alike and continue to learn from each other."

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