Course Orientation

Hello and welcome to, Find Your Focus: 12-minute practices to own your attention and perform at your best

Our attention lapses so often that we can end up missing fifty percent of our lives. As distractions get more and more constant and sophisticated, we need effective tools to get our attention back. A growing body of research suggests that mindfulness practice is one of the most effective ways out of this crisis of attention, helping us cultivate greater focus, effectiveness, and well-being. 

This course journeys through the science of attention and distraction, explaining how just 12 minutes of mindfulness practice each day can have a big impact on how you live and experience your life. 

Attention is what fuels our success, as leaders and professionals, as parents or partners, as human beings. For over 20 years my lab has been researching the brain’s attention system. We’ve made groundbreaking discoveries about the power of our attention and developed solutions to protect and strengthen it. We’ve offered and tested these tools everywhere from classrooms to boardrooms and sports fields to battlefields, finding again and again that they work. 

I’m so excited to share what we have learned with you in this course, so that you too can unlock the power of attention to benefit your life. 

Dr Amishi P. Jha and the Mindful Team

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