A letter from Jillian about the course

Hello, I'm Jillian Pransky. 

For the past 25 years, I’ve been teaching people all over the world the principles of deep listening through restorative yoga and mindfulness practices. 

But I wasn’t always relaxed. Having lived a busy, corporate lifestyle, and experienced my share of loss and illness, I’ve dedicated my life’s work to reconciling my fundamental restlessness with my fundamental spaciousness. My practice has shown me I can land on this shared home, the earth, and experience the freedom of possibility when I release habitual tension and discover the feeling of ease and deep relaxation in my body. I’ve developed this course to offer this possibility to you as well. 

From Yoga to Deep Listening

I first became certified to teach yoga in 1994 from within the ISHTA yoga lineage with Alan Finger. From there, I spent a decade studying with some the greatest yoga and meditation virtuosos of our time, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jack Kornfield, Ram Dass, Tara Brach, and Sharon Salzberg. Erich Schiffmann became my primary yoga influence in 1997; and in 1998, I met my primary meditation teacher, Pema Chödrön, when the Omega Institute invited me to teach at her annual retreat. My work as a certified yoga therapist and teacher trainer also connected me to the work of healers, doctors, and neurologists in mind-body medicine, including Herbert Benson, Daniel Siegel, Richard Davidson, Sara Lazar, and Rick Hanson. Together, these teachers and traditions have informed my integrated approach to sharing yoga with mindfulness practices that are infused with compassion and ease. This is meant to attune the body, mind, and spirit to nature and inspire an integrative, holistic healing experience. 

It is an honour to share these with you through this course, and I hope you enjoy it and find your own ground of relaxation and healing.



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