Course Orientation

Hello and welcome! I’m glad you are here. 

My name is Michelle Maldonado and, like you, I am navigating life fully human with all the joys, surprises, pitfalls and challenges that comprise the journey of a meaningful life unfolding. 

Whatever brings you to this moment, whether by circumstance or choice, I celebrate you. Perhaps you are beginning to feel uncomfortable in your comfort zone. Or, maybe you are feeling the ache of a calling that invites you to move your life in a new direction. Or, maybe you simply are seeking more peace, ease and comfort in your days. Whatever fuels you, gives you purpose, and inspires you to do your inner work while you are here and beyond, I wish that for you too. There is no greater endeavor than to seek better understanding of self and to embrace our whole self so that we can show up in the world more fully present, wise, and compassionate. 

As you move through the explorations in this course, I invite you to be curious, kind, honest and patient about what you are noticing in moments of challenge and jubilation as well as in the beautifully mundane moments in between. I invite you to trust that this is safe and sacred space for you to be you so that you can cultivate the conditions to emerge as the person you’ve always wanted to be and the person you’ve always been with in. 

I see you. You have a place here. You belong and you are not alone. 

May we all be well and flourish, 

Michelle L. Maldonado 

CEO & Founder of of Lucenscia

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