Over the past two years, we’ve endured a global pandemic that has kept us inside, disrupted our routines, and has taken a toll on our mental health. And as a result, we are spending more time indoors and online. 

But did you know recent studies suggest that nature can help our brains and bodies to stay healthy? Here are some of the ways that science is showing how being in nature affects our brains and bodies:

  • Being in nature decreases stress
  • Nature makes you happier and less brooding
  • Nature relieves attention fatigue and increases creativity
  • Nature may help you to be kind and generous
  • Nature makes you “feel more alive"
We know being in nature is good for us, but how do we put this into practice in a way that will really serve and nurture us? We’ve created a program to make it easier for you to start spending more time in nature and less time in front of a screen.

Our new course: Nature Meditations: Reconnect with the Outdoors, is designed to help you overcome screen fatigue and take your mindfulness practice into nature so you can decrease stress, feel more connected, and boost happiness!

This course offers hours of video sessions and guided meditations with seven leading mindfulness experts. Through these sessions, you’ll discover how to open up your senses to attune to what is around you, cultivate a sense of presence, and learn to open your heart to the natural world.

From there, you’ll be guided through a series of mindfulness practices that take you on a mindful garden walk, help you appreciate nature and spaciousness, and even discover the power of awe by taking a walk with Dacher Keltner through the beautiful Muir Woods in California.

Best of all, this program includes three bonus nature audio guided meditations:

  • Invite Nature Into Your Life with Kelly Barron
  • Appreciate Spaciousness with Chris Willard
  • Connect With Your Senses with Elaine Smookler

Download these guided practices to your phone, venture outside, and enjoy the many health and well-being benefits nature can offer you this spring.

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