Course orientation

Hello and welcome to Practical Mindfulness for Healthcare Providers!

I'm so glad you could join me for this course, and hope that it is of great benefit to you.

The course is structured in four modules. These are short enough to be done daily, but could also be done weekly or at a different pace.

The modules contain:

  • A video lecture, broken up into three small segments for easy viewing.
  • A guided meditation that you can download and listen to at any time.
  • Additional readings to support the session's topic.

I'd suggest that you try to do a daily mindfulness practice, either formal or informal, while following this course. You can do this on your own without guidance, or use the audio tracks provided.

There will also be live Q&A sessions on January 16, January 30 and February 13. Please join me! You will find instructions for these sessions in your curriculum.

Warmest wishes,

Mark Bertin

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