Course Orientation

Welcome to Real Leadership: Practicing Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness — an inherent human ability — is strengthened through awareness and practice. With simple tools and basic skills that expand mental and emotional capacity, we can respond skillfully to difficult situations with confidence, as we make decisions and negotiate respectfully with coworkers.

A mindful revolution is spreading across all sectors of professional life, as organizations integrate mindfulness practices to grow efficiency, compassion, and creativity while employees increasingly seek balance at work and at home with self-awareness and equanimity.

Naropa’s vision with this course, is to provide transformational education and professional development that draws upon the disciplines of contemplative practice, organizational learning, expressive arts, neuroscience, and complexity science for improved performance at work and in life.

Led by Naropa Instructors Susan Sjkei and Mary McHenry, this course guides you through various aspects of integrating mindfulness and workplace leadership. With a different guest presenter in each module, this course will help you to strengthen the skills needed to develop a work culture and ethic that is in tune with the new demands being placed on us every day.

The course also offers downloadable guided practices that you can easily take with you to use in the midst of your busy day, and all of the content can be returned to again and again.

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